The Future of Agencies: Towards a Unified Experience!

20 Dec, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communications, the future of agencies is being shaped by a compelling trend: the move towards more unified, efficient, and client-centric models. Globally, industry giants like WPP are leading the way, merging agencies to achieve greater efficiency, optimize client experiences, and streamline financial and operational processes.

The Shift to Unified Agencies

1. The Efficiency of Mergers: Globally, WPP and similar companies are setting a precedent by merging various agencies. This consolidation is not merely a financial decision; it’s a strategic move to streamline offerings, bringing together diverse expertise under one roof. This approach leads to more cohesive and efficient service delivery, enhancing the overall client experience.

2. The Client’s Burden with Multiple Agencies: Clients often find themselves juggling multiple agencies to cover their diverse marketing needs. This fragmentation leads to significant challenges in maintaining brand consistency, aligning different teams with brand guidelines, and achieving cohesive objectives. The administrative and managerial overhead of this model is considerable.

3. Fragmented Strategies and Inconsistent Branding: Working with multiple specialized agencies often results in disparate strategies – from social media and digital to broader communication and marketing strategies. Each agency may bring a different tone of voice, brand positioning, and even target audiences, leading to a lack of synergy and coherence in the brand’s market presence.

4. The Demand for Better Engagement and ROI: Clients today are seeking more than just creative output; they demand better engagement, higher ROI, and a synchronized approach across campaigns. They want consistency in their messaging and a unified strategy that maximizes budget efficiency and management ease.

The Rise of Blended Experience Agencies

The response to these evolving needs is the emergence of “unified” agencies – a concept distinct from the traditional 360-degree agency. While 360-degree agencies offer a broad range of services, potentially stretching their expertise thin or outsourcing to cover gaps, unified agencies focus on delivering a synchronized, all-inclusive service across multiple departments, all in-house.

MORE: A Case Study in Unified Agency Approach In the UAE, we at MORE are pioneering this approach as a blended experience agency. This model allows clients to interact with just one agency and one account manager, providing a single comprehensive brief. The agency then crafts a unified communication strategy across multiple platforms, such as websites, social, media buying, content production, etc., executing it with precision and consistency. This approach not only ensures brand consistency but also leads to financial optimization, higher engagement, and ROI.


As the agency landscape continues to evolve, the move towards a more unified, efficient, and client-focused approach is becoming increasingly clear. Agencies that adapt to this model are likely to be better positioned to meet the complex and changing needs of their clients, offering streamlined, effective solutions that drive results.

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